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Rose Quartz Obsidian Pyramid

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Improve the natural flow of orgone energy at home

The orgone energy pyramid "Ocean Life" is a wonder for the eyes

This orgone energy pyramid filled with a mix of rare stones has been created to be a powerful energy generator to bring orgonite benefits in your home. The mysteries and beauty it reflects is immediatly appealing and fascinating. It is perfect for the spirit to stare at it and empty your mind. When you return home after a long day's work, take a look at it to get instantly peaceful.

Resin was used to hold the rare stones and decorations inside. Moreover, the rare stones in the orgone energy pyramid were not chosen randomly. Indeed, this mixture that represents a tree of life on deep blue stones, makes the orgonite pyramid a powerful generator for orgone energy.

Almost impossible to damage since the resin is very solid. Nevertheless, we advise you to keep your piece of art on a shelf, away from animals and kids.

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Orgone energy can be gifted to the people you love

The design of this wonderful piece is so incredible that it can be used as a gift for anyone. Indeed, it is an outstanding gift for someone who enjoy orgone energy and Wilhelm Reich research. Also, it is perfect to offer for someone who would like to learn more about orgonites.

Moreover, the real orgone energy pyramid is an excellent way to decorate your home, by placing the object on a shelf in your living room or in your bedroom.

orgone pyramid orgonite energy

A true orgone energy artifact that generates the flow of natural benefits

In addition to sublimate your house decoration, the real orgone pyramid is a powerful generator for orgone benefits.

Indeed, the mix of rare stones, their well though overlays and the fact that the object is a pyramid attract the surrounding energies. Thus, the orgone generator will transform the flows into powerful orgone energy and spread its benefits to improve your life.

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